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Testimonials students learning Spanish in Mexico

Regular Program

“The method is effective in forcing students to listen to, speak in, and think in Spanish... Because of the teaching techniques, relations between students and teachers are relaxed and enjoyable..."

Emilio Esquibel, Monterey Peninsula College

I recently studied Spanish in Zacatecas, Mexico, a little-visited colonial gem at 8,200 feet. The high-quality Spanish instruction at Fenix Language Institute brought me to Zacatecas, and the city and the nearby mysterious ruins called La Quemada turned out to be worth the trip by themselves.

Sandy Wagner, San Francisco Chronicle

Andrea Renteria- Student opinion from Fenix Language Institute on Vimeo

Spanish students seeking a true immersion experience in a sophisticated but largely undiscovered region of Mexico should consider Fenix Language Institute in Zacatecas. Mexico’s northernmost silver city lies 200 miles northeast of Guadalajara, 400 miles northwest of Mexico City. Few foreign tourists visit this colonial jewel, though it’s popular destination for Mexicans.

Glenda Bullock, a writer and former public broadcasting executive, has traveled extensively in Mexico and Latin America. She has studied at nearly a dozen language schools in the Spanish-speaking world and counts Fenix among her favorites.

Testimonials Virtual Classroom

Fenix Language Institute's online program is amazing. It is the perfect tool for busy professionals who want to practice and improve their Spanish language skills. As an attorney, I was concerned about finding time to prepare for an important Spanish language exam. FLI was easily able to accommodate my scheduling needs. Arturo was a pleasure to work with, and tailored each class to meet my specific study goals. At the end of my sessions, I felt confident that I would pass my exam...and I did! I highly recommend this program!

Jillian Haynal/Kalispell, Montana

I love studying Spanish in Fenix’s virtual classroom. The lessons are fun and informative. Access to the lessons is easy and the audio and visual connections are really clear. With the Fenix methodology I am learning Spanish and so much more. I am learning about cultural issues and history and I am challenged to think about new ideas and concepts. Best of all, my Fenix teacher has really helped me improve my Spanish pronunciation and fluidity.

Beth Heriza/Portland, Oregon

With less than five months to prepare for my Fulbright Fellowship hosted by a Chilean university in the Fall 2011, I was desperate for a cost and time effective approach to rapidly improve my Spanish... The on-line program at the Fenix Language Institute provided the intensity I required with one-on-one instruction but with the convenience of conducting the Spanish lessons in my office and home.  Additionally, the program was substantially more cost effective than many other programs - including local schools and tutors.

Eric MacDonald/El Paso Community College

Considering learning Spanish or continuing your learning? Do it virtually with some of the greatest Spanish teachers I know!

Heidi Laidemitt/Monterey, California

I am taking the classes - virtual - and it is a wonderful experience. If you are interested in learning to speak Spanish or already an experienced speaker - an even better way to stay in practice. I have taken classes in Zacatecas and it's just like being there:)

Debby Stuker/Gilroy, California

Hi, I would like to share a wonderful Spanish online school, The Fenix Institute in Zacatecas. The teachers are delightful and creative and each session is designed especially for you, the student.

Jana Goncharoff/Santa Fe New Mexico