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Credits in Fenix Language Institute Zacatecas


Arrangements for academic credits and grades are made with colleges and universities on an individual basis. We suggest that each month of study be awarded four to five semester units, to be determined on the basis of language classes and minicourses attended. Students should discuss in advance with their professor on their campus their desire to transfer credits and have the professor sign the appropriate part of the application form. Students may choose to be graded on an A, B, C, D, F scale, or PASS/FAIL. Each teacher keeps a daily record of each student's performance and the material covered by the class. At the end of every week, an evaluation of his/her progress is recorded. A final examination can be given upon request. A written summary of course work and individual achievement will be provided for any student applying for university credit.

Distance Education Program

NMSU Fenix Language Institute

FENIX LANGUAGE INSTITUTE is recognized by NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY as Intensive Language Option for non-New Mexico students to receive credits via its Distant Education Program.