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Zacatecas Rafael Coronel MuseumWhy Fenix Language Institute Zacatecas?

Fenix Language Institute was founded in 1973 with a firm commitment to perfecting strategies for the teaching of Spanish as a second language. Until then, the traditional method had stressed grammar model imitation, mechanical repetition exercises, and rigorous memorization. The results were not impressive. The founders of Fenix rejected these ideas and searched for a better, more natural approach. As a child, you acquire your native language by listening to its use, trying out new uses, and gradually attaining fluency. Fenix believes that this method is also applicable to the learning of a second language, a belief strongly backed by a considerable amount of research in the field of second language acquisition. Inside the Fenix classroom, we help students to listen, understand, and then express new concepts in the language.

Fenix iconoFenix LanguageInstitute is owned by the Dorado Diaz family who are originally from Chalchihuites, Zacatecas. Arturo Dorado and Lolis Diaz have three children, Arturo Dorado Jr., Lolita Dorado, and Lorena Dorado. The Dorado Diaz children have grown up in Fenix Language Institute and now demonstrate the new generation of Spanish teachers. Every single member of the Dorado Diaz family is strongly integrated in every aspect of the school. When you come to study at Fenix you are treated like a member of the family and you feel right at home.